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DuPont Tyvek is a substrate from the family of tough and durable non woven textiles. Made from 100% HDPE fibres, Tyvek has the best properties of Paper Film and Fabrics.

  • No OBA
    - Tyvek is chemical free and meets the most stringent requirement of US law makers about tags and labels
  • Excellent strength but light weight.
  • Excellent Tear Resistance
  • Water, solvents, chemicals, grease Resistant.
  • Excellent Printability
    - Compatible in Offset, Flexo, Graveure, Screen, inkjet and Thermal transfer printing and digital printing.
  • Lint Free
    - Makes it suitable for electronics and medical applications.
  • No colour degradation
    - Retains original whiteness for decades
  • Excellent fold resistance
    - Withstands folding & unfolding up to 20000 times.
  • 100% recyclable thus Environment Friendly.
The attributes of Tyvek make it suitable for wider applications in converting and printing. Please visit www.tyvek.com for its applications. Tyvek is being used in the following application primarily.
Premium Envelopes., Rakhi Envelopes, Speed Post Envelopes, Temper Evident Envelopes, Card Sleeves
Tags and Labels
Hang Tags, Sewing Tags, TMT Bars tags, Rice and food grains Bags Strips, FIBC Tags, Textile labels, Self Adhesive Labels, Law Labels, Speciality airline tags, Mail Bag Tags, OEM parts tags , Sew in tags, Seed bag tags, Carpet Labels
Event Tickets, Cricket Match Tickets, Racing Numbers, Wrist Bands, School Grade Certificates, Calendars, Archival, Shopping Bags, Measuring Tapes, Children Books and Toys,
Banner and Sign-ages
Indoor Banners, Rolling Displays, PoP Display,
Industrial Applications
Rice Bags, Desiccants Packaging.,
Rolls : Tyvek is being used for varied applications from Tags and Labels to Banners and Sign ages. So Tyvek is available in rolls in width ranging from 1 inch to 60 inches to cater to all types of printing.
Tyvek is available in sheets of 20inch x 30inch for offset printing and packaging applications. Customised Sheet sizes can be made available to minimise the wastage to increase your profitability. Please click here to help you improve printing of Tyvek on Offset Machines.
Impact on Environment :
Tyvek is chemically pure with neutral PH.
Free from any hazardous substrate.
Lesser resources of energy are used to manufacture Tyvek as compared to other substrates like Paper of all types.
Tyvek is 100% recyclable and gives more than 90% energy recovery when recycled.
Tyvek oozes out no chemicals and fumes and does not affect the water table when buried in landfill sites.
This makes Tyvek an environment friendly substrate.
Style Weight(g/m²) Thickness(mm)
1025D 42.5 0.140
1056D 55 0.170
1057D 54.3 0.162
1058D 55 0.150
1059D 61 0.178
1070D 68 0.200
1073D 74.6 0.205
1082D 105 0.275
1443R 42.4 0.135
1473R 73 0.220
4158DL 55  
4173DL 74  



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