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We offer state of art chemistries to provide an edge in the quality of the end products from the leading international and national manufacturers.

Dow Chemicals, USA International and national Paper manufacturers
Emulsion Polymer
Styrene Butadine Latex as binder.
Water Soluable Resins and Thickners
Polyox, Methocel, Cellosize Ethocel for lighting, ceramic, battery and paper industry
Nopco Paper Technology, Norway Paper Printing Paper
Pulp, Paper & Recycled Paper Chemicals
Defoamers, Antifoamer, Felt Cleaning, Deinking Chemicals, Tissue Softner, Skin Care, Coating Additives
Dowwolff Cellulosics, Germany
We market specialized performance enhancing ingredients for personal care industry
Ucare Conditioning Polymer, Softcat, Polyox, Methocel, Cellosize, CMC, Kytamer, Biocare, Ucon fluids, Tris Amino Ultra PC, Chelating Agents, Anti-Microbials.
Keim Additec Surface GmBh, Germany Paper Manufacturer
Ultralube Wax Additives - emulsions, dispersions, micro dispersions - For water based paints, lacquers, wood stains, leather lacquers, leather finish, floor polishes, paper production, paper converting and coating, moisture barriers, water based adhesives, cancoatings, building materials, deforming lubricants, mould release agents.
Silcona GmBh & Co, KG, Germany international and national manufacturers
Silcona range of flow, leveling, wetting, dispersing, hydrophobing, Slip additives - For paints, inks, floor polishes, textiles, pigment preparation & Nano coatings.
Converter Adhesives and Chemicals Pvt Ltd, MUMBAI Specliaty Film
CAC has pioneered the flexible laminating adhesive business in India. CAC has offered solvent-based adhesives since 1985 and solvent-free adhesives were launched in 2002.CAC is headquartered in Mumbai, and has its manufacturing base in Navi Mumbai
H. B. Fuller Announces Expansion into India Specliaty Chemical
The secret to H.B. Fuller's innovation is our clear focus on your needs. We work diligently to source the right raw materials, develop superior formulations and then work with you to field test our concepts to ensure your success.


Narsingh Dass & Co.
Paper Industrial & Speciality
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Shivananda Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Speciality Chemicals, films & Fibers
3993 - A / 5, Raghu Ganj, Chawri Bazar,New Delhi - 110006 (India)
Narsingh Dass & Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Paper and Board, Nonwovens, Pulp and Speciality digital film
E-3/16, Balram House, Darya Ganj,New Delhi - 110002 (India)
Sudhir Papers Ltd.
Artica Coated Paper & Board
4506, High Point - IV, 45 Palace Road,Bangalore - 560001 (India)
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India Paper Products / Sudhir Papers / Synchem
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